Going Electric Made Easy

Going Electric
Made Easy

Two-in-One Charging Has Arrived

Charge While Your Home
Charge your motorcycle while you’re parked in the garage to start the day fully charged.
Charge in Your Home
Charge your battery from the security of your home to get the most out of your removable battery.
Swap on the Go
Swap batteries while riding around the city for zero-wait energy replenishment and say goodbye to range anxiety.

Ionex EV Solution

Today, we stand at the dawn of a remarkable transformation in the world of mobility, one that will forever change how we move.

Unveiling a World of Possibilities

Soon electric motorcycles are not just a mode of transportation but part of daily life. Energy Companies provide riders with battery services, eliminating the need to purchase batteries upfront. With guaranteed performance and a pay-for-use model, electric motorcycles have never been more affordable.

The Power of Incredible Mobility

EV Manufacturers are introducing electric motorcycles with integrated onboard battery metering, thanks to the Ionex BMU. This standardized electronic module revolutionizes EV design, making it seamless for vehicles to work with Energy Companies’ battery services. Electric motorcycles can now provide two-in-one charging.

Eliminating Range Anxiety

Battery-swapping Network Operators are deploying thousands of battery-swapping stations across the country, ending range anxiety. Riders can enjoy zero-wait charging and unlimited range, making electric mobility a breeze.

Customers Win

Riders ultimately get a wide variety of electric motorcycles to choose from, each paired with battery service plans that suit their lifestyles. Charge at home, swap batteries in the city, and access an extensive battery-swapping network while traveling. Electric mobility is now limitless.

Endless Applications

Ionex Energy delivers better solutions for riders and businesses to go electric.

Technology That Moves

Igniting the Electric Era

We introduce three groundbreaking technologies that power the electric revolution.

Battery-as-a-Service Solution
We offer Energy Companies the Ionex Common Battery and Ionex Operating System, creating a comprehensive Battery-as-a-Service solution that supports battery swapping, in-home charging, and vehicle charging.
Battery Metering Unit (BMU)

For EV Manufacturers, our Ionex BMU easily integrates into any design, eliminating complex battery technology and ensuring affordable pricing.

Energy Station
Battery-swapping Network Operators can rely on our revenue-generating cloud-connected Ionex Energy Station to lead the way in the energy service landscape.

Today is Ionex

Join Us on the Journey

Today marks the turning point. We are not just promising the electric future but making it a reality. Get in touch today to learn more about how we are helping government and commercial partners.
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